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The Origins of Mediation With Professor Noam Ebner

From episode: 20. Boosting Brain Power through Jedi Wisdom. With Noam Ebner.

we're honest mediation and mediation training in the uk came from america right but it's now 20 25 years on so has developed its own uniqueness um you know in our typical way that we're not really europe but we are europe and we're close to america but we're not america so we've got this sort of our own version of things and so it'd be interesting to see from my perspective how much it now differs from how people train in america absolutely i mean um mediation some people don't like it when i say this but mediation is an american export right america has exported mediation it's not i'm not saying that it's in american creation okay mediation existed long before america existed and long before you know any of the it's one of the earliest things in human society uh almost certainly english what it's almost certainly english it's almost certainly okay you can have it but but did you export it as uh intentionally and successfully as americans first you exported it to the colonies right and then it made its way uh from indeed and right from those from new england and and the colonies on the coast um you know since the 19 certainly since the 1970s uh but maybe earlier you know we've seen many universities institutions private uh uh private people set sail from the united states headed out into the world and bringing the light of mediation quote unquote there and starting training programs and starting you know to to generate interest and uh and this has happened all over the world that just as you happened in uk i went through it in israel um you know and and it happened in in any number of locales all across the world and of course when you think of it that is both wonderful and it's also horribly problematic uh in that but you know the the dispute resolution mechanism process that was devised to resolve conflict in right in massachusetts is not necessarily the same as is is required or suitable whether to whether whatever you want the legal atmosphere but more important just the culture of uk of the middle east of africa of asia and so 10 years on 20 years on as you say um of course natural variants have emerged natural i i really mean local variants have emerged it's interesting you know to identify can you can you identify something that's uniquely british right something uniquely israeli something uniquely ugandan in mediation um some countries have this you know you can you can see it more easily than others and then as you say it's really interesting to speak with with people you know back in the let's call it the mother country of mediation and have those conversations like what what do you seem to take for granted that we don't seem to take for granted what can you get away with in a room that we wouldn't get away with in the room what do you consider getting away with in a room that we consider that's just the way people talk

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