The affluent town with its own High Street foodbank - for the LinkedIn professional

I live in Billericay, Essex. It is an affluent town, full of commuters making a decent living in London, 20 odd miles away. It is not the sort of place you think of as having a foodbank on its High Street.

Think again. This picture shows the reality of 2021.

As I dropped off four packed bags of shopping (courtesy of Northreach Recruitment, Pure Mortgages, Law Search Group and Hunt ADR - four local businesses based at the other end of the long high street) I was shocked to see how much the foodbank had grown since I last dropped off in Billericay just before COVID struck.

In those good old days the foodbank was over-stocked and not really in demand - but that is not the case today.

These days deliveries and collections are made to people who you would normally see on LinkedIn. Professionals who have fallen on hard times. Maybe COVID has seen the main breadwinner lose their job in the City. Maybe it has seen one of the family lose their life. Whatever it is, they are struggling to feed their children and people like Phil and his team at the Billericay Foodbank are providing huge relief to them.

So, wherever you live, if you think you are protected and nobody you know would need a foodbank, think again. I have said it before, we are all only a few pay days away from needing a foodbank.

Please give generously not only this month with Christmas ahead, but in January when it becomes the forgotten thing to do. Every donation can have a huge impact on a life. You can donate online via Trussell Trust or your local foodbank might have specific instructions and an up to date list of the most needed items.

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