Gregory Hunt Specialist Mediator for Civil & Commercial Disputes

A recent conversation with a solicitor I will call Joe went like this:

Joe: So Gregg with training mediators, and the travel arbitration service and LCAS, you must spend your whole time running Hunt ADR?

Me: No actually Joe, I am busy running Hunt ADR of course, but my own personal passion is mediation and I am a mediator myself.

Joe: You are a mediator yourself? I didn't realise.

Me: Yes I am a Fellow of the Civil Mediation Council, CEDR accredited and I have mediated more than 130 times.

Joe: You need to tell people that or they will just think, as I did, that you run the business but aren't active as a mediator yourself.

I thought about what Joe had said and asked a few trusted colleagues, and we all agreed there is a real danger that parties and their lawyers will forget I am a very experienced mediator when they are looking for a mediator themselves.

So, I have set up my own mediator website at which clearly sets out my experience, testimonials, case examples, contact details and pricing for me as mediator. There is even an FAQ section which I will continue to add to over time.

The message then is clear, I am still very much the Chief Executive of Hunt ADR and all it does, but I am also very much a mediator in my own right and available for appointment online or in person across the UK.

Please do take a look at and contact me with any questions about mediation, my practice and my availability.

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