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Six years for me and Hunt ADR

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Today Hunt ADR starts its sixth year trading and you can read all about its activities over the last year here.

For me year five saw some personal developments, with me becoming a Fellow of the Civil Mediation Council, joining London boutique law firm RS Law as a mediator and most significantly, becoming a member of Arbitra International. The team at Arbitra - Owen, Rachel, Demi and Ben, now manage my personal mediation practice and can be contacted direct for any information about my mediation services and fees.

During the last year I also became a volunteer expert for the Federation of Small Businesses in the East of England. Being part of the FSB is something I find helps me greatly as a mediator as understanding business and the pressures business owners are under, coupled with my extensive expertise in the practice of mediation, is what singles me out as a mediator and in my view, and that of the parties and lawyers who elect to use me, it is these combined benefits which are more important than subject matter expertise.

Last but certainly not least, I continue to support foodbank initiatives wherever and whenever I can via the Hunt ADR Cycle for Foodbanks initiative. I am still cycling on my static bike on my 2,000km+ ride to raise awareness and funds. Progress is slow, my alloy knee sometimes needs a rest, but I am determined to complete the ride in 2022.

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