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Revolutionizing Mediation With the Barefoot Mediator, Jane Gunn

Here is a short snippet from episode: 18. Sirens and Poles. With Jane Gunn.

Click play above or read on and listen to the full episode wherever you get you podcast, including at Apple Podcasts and Spotfiy.


"'s not even mediation, is it? It's more of a behavioural thing, especially if you're teaching it to younger people and maybe that's part of the problem is that people are trying to attach a label too strictly to these things and say, I want to talk to you about mediation, I want to teach you mediation and actually you want to almost help people to change their behaviours so they don't get into conflict in the first place."


"I think so, yeah, I mean mediation is a process, isn't it? It's a process that we, you know, we've learnt and can help people with but the principles of mediation are something different and, you know, maybe we can help people to think actually I could take some of that and use that as well but of course I still love mediation and I still teach mediation as do you and, you know, help clients with that too so, you know, and I think over the last 20 plus years it has grown, it has become more accepted and more mainstream and definitely within the legal community but the business community I think at last have understood that mediation is something they can use in the workplace or in the boardroom or whatever."


"Yeah and that's the big one, isn't it? I mean certainly, I mean I do a lot of teaching now at universities and students but also a few weeks ago I did actually a course for nine lecturers as well, law lecturers, for them to get a better understanding about it all and then for them to be able to pass it on to the students and it's great because you see so much more now within legal communities, law courses, it's getting taught a lot and we've done a couple of on -demand online courses for students from other disciplines as well to try and get them to understand ADR as a whole more but it's still very much, when I look at all the people who do our training, there's still more lawyers than anybody else..."

Listen to the full episode wherever you get you podcast, including at Apple Podcasts and Spotfiy.

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