Prima Facie - a must see for so many and for so many reasons

On Friday I went to the theatre with my wife and daughter. First and foremost it was to see Jodie Comer, who we all love to bits, and she did not disappoint. I think it was the finest live performance I have ever seen.

There was more though. Without giving spoilers, the impact the play itself had on me shook me on the night and is still shaking me today.

I know many lawyers - many barristers, and quite a few engaged in criminal law. I would say to you all, if you have not seen Prima Facie then see it (it will be on at cinemas soon, see here for details).

If you control training provision within criminal sets, then make sure everyone else sees it. If you are educating the next generation of criminal lawyers at university, then add it to the curriculum. If you are in the police then see it. If you control training within the police, make sure your trainees see it.

Jodie Comer, Suzie Miller, Justin Martin - everyone involved with the production, you are genius. Thank you.

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