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Noam Ebner and I Reflect on the Surprising Success of Online Mediator Trainings

From episode: 20. Boosting Brain Power through Jedi Wisdom. With Noam Ebner.

covered we couldn't train mediators online in the uk we could only do in -person face -to -face training um and then covered came and then i had a course i had to cancel right and i said oh you know what why don't we put it online um and there was a little bit of aggravation within the industry and um the civil mediation council went in favor of doing that at the time but it was all new it was new for everyone and that was challenging in the end we were allowed to to put the course online yeah one of the big things that i was concerned about was this whole humanity side of it how would it how would i as the teacher be able to teach those people skills and those human skills um and get them out of the delegates the candidates in a way that by the by the end of the course they were doing recorded zoom roles for assessments as mediators and still be able to have the same quality as if we were doing it in person and i thought the first few courses i thought well it's not quite the same but it's worked i think we've managed it and then the more i did i didn't see any difference i can honestly say doing it online and doing it in person and i know that everyone will say you can smell the fear in person and you can you know look at people's body language better and you can look around the room and see people better and all the rest of it actually i can genuinely say hand on heart that i now don't really see a lot of difference the only difference i see as a trainer not necessarily as a mediator but as a trainer is it is a bit nicer to meet people in person you know and you know we did did a lovely course in belfast a few months ago and we all went the pub afterwards and had probably too many pints of but actually everything else all the other dynamics once we got over the oh this isn't as good as if it was in right in real life which it still is actually i i've one of the arguments i put forward to people who are skeptical um was when someone does a um a uk civil mediation council mediator accredited training course they're assessed by video and i said i would challenge anyone if i send you two videos you would not be able to tell which person was trained online as opposed to which person was trained in person because when they're performing in their assessment on the day they're exactly the same there is no difference yeah it turned out that a lot of the difference was in our minds or people's minds and and i like that you that you spoke about mediation training as opposed to mediation because so much activity of our field is training yeah time is much more training than actual mediation at different times in different periods in different countries we all we're all familiar with it um but mediation training just like mediation itself is a deeply human experience leaning on deeply human uh elements it's not it's not just another okay everybody you know i'm going to stand up here on a lectern and you know and read my notes to you and you're all going to summarize them that's not how a mediation course works so so uh really in in this you know in some way the medium is actually the message uh and you know a lot of people before covid resisted the notion

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