Gregory Hunt Mediator

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the UKs most trusted mediators, Gregory Hunt is proven as a mediator across a wide range of civil & commercial disputes.


What does mediation cost?

Mediation is very cost effective but there are different costs to consider. Let's start with the most obvious, how much my fees are.  You can see these here.  

On top of those you may need to hire rooms for the mediation (no cost if online of course), there may be travel costs, refreshments, legal fees and other disbursements. You need to balance these against the amount in dispute, the estimated costs of going to trial, opportunity cost lost when at trial, the cost of losing the dispute at court (financial and reputational damage), disbursements related to court (how long will the trial be?).

So it is difficult to give an indication of the total cost, but it is simple to say that the cost of mediation should be a small percentage of the cost of litigation and by mediating you should save hundred, thousands or tens of thousands of pounds in the longer term.

Your fees are very competitive compared to some other mediators. Why is this?

I know that my fees are not as high as other mediators who are as experienced as me. Often mediator rates are inflated as the provider retains some of the fee, sometimes as much as 60% or 70%. When you appoint me direct you will always get my best rate.

What sort of cases do you specialise in?

I am first and foremost a specialist mediator. I specialise in making mediation work for parties and their lawyers and facilitating a resolution of their dispute. My career has been spent in ADR and I have worked during that time across dozens of sectors. This has led me to develop a specialism in mediation itself, which can then be applied across different dispute types and sectors.

Can you tell us what sort of cases you have mediated?

Mediation is confidential so I cannot disclose names or specific details but you will see on my About page that I have listed the different sectors I have mediated in. Most recently I have mediated a dispute between a hotel group and a contractor, three siblings disputing the sale of their parents house, a holidaymaker and a tour operator, a homeowner and their builder and a dispute between a commercial property owner and their landscaper.

How do I know that you are the right mediator for me?

If you want a mediator who is vastly experienced in the process of mediation,  who builds an environment in which you can negotiate with the other party openly in confidence and where the chances of getting a commercial deal are enhanced by having a mediator who encourages the parties to move forward and not get bogged down in legal or historical argument (recognising the need to deal with both of course), then I think I might be the person for you.

What exactly happens at mediation?

At mediation I work with the parties in a confidential and without prejudice environment to help you to find a way forward that you can all agree on. I act with independence, integrity and impartiality at all times, and I don't make any decisions, I facilitate a resolution between you.

Do I need a lawyer?

I expect most people reading this will be lawyers, so I had better be careful! Parties do not necessarily need a lawyer but in my experience lawyers help the mediation process and it is more likely to achieve a settlement of a commercial case if lawyers are present.

Do you provide the paperwork we need to properly set up a mediation?

Yes.  If you do not have a preferred scheme,  I can provide you with the Hunt ADR Model Mediation Agreement, Guidance Notes for Mediation and other relevant documents like the Model Settlement Agreement should we reach a settlement in your case.

Does mediation always work?

Around 80% to 90% of cases referred to mediation settle on the day of the mediation or shortly afterwards.   Even in those cases which do not settle the parties learn far more about their strengths and weaknesses and many cases either end up being withdrawn or settle just before the court date.

What accreditations and awards do you hold?

I was accredited by The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 2001 and by CEDR in 2008. I was also awarded Fellowship of the Civil Mediation Council in 2021, the year the designation was created. Before that I had been a Registered Mediator for several years.

I have won a number of awards both as a mediator and also as a trainer  of mediators - mostly since 2018. I do not list these individually as I do not place too much of a value on them. I am more interested in getting good party feedback and repeat appointment from law firms who have found my services to be worthwhile for their clients. You can see some testimonials from lawyers and parties here.