A Selection of Cases I have Mediated

One of the UKs most trusted mediators, Gregory Hunt is proven as a mediator across a wide range of civil & commercial disputes

The case examples I list below are a selection of cases I have mediated to show how I am able to take instructions over a wide range of sectors. For a list of the different sectors I have worked in see here.

Green Garden
Hotel Room


A dispute between a company and the landscaping business it used to spruce up its external environment


A dispute between a sports star and his employers, a well known sports team in the UK, relating to breach of contract

Internal Design

A dispute between an international hotel group and a designer contracted to redesign the interior of its hotels in major cities across Europe.


A dispute between a major retailer and a company manufacturing loyalty cards.

Gas Burner
Wine Bottles
Rap Music Performance

Energy: Calor Gas

A dispute between a retailer of calor gas and their supplier.

Sales of business and value of remaining stocks

A dispute between the owner of a vineyard and the purchaser including the value of stocks of wine remaining on the property.

Music Royalties

A dispute between a major global music act and a music piracy group over royalty payments due.

Travel B2C

A personal injury / illness dispute between a holidaymaker and a travel operator.

Greek Paradise
Concrete Tile
Contract Review
Ready for Fight

Travel B2B

A dispute between a travel agent and a hotel in Greece relating to the outcome of an arbitration award


A dispute about the quality of concrete flooring in a new warehouse

Legal Services

A claim against a solicitor under their professional negligence policy

Wills & Probate

A dispute between siblings over the sale of their parents property