About Gregory Hunt

One of the UKs most trusted mediators, Gregory Hunt is proven as a mediator across a wide range of civil & commercial disputes

I am a specialist in civil and commercial mediation. A mediator who knows mediation and how to make it work for those involved in the process. 

I am accredited by The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and in 2021 I became one of the first ever Fellows of the Civil Mediation Council. I have won many awards for my mediation practice.​

I like to mediate because I find helping people who have been involved in disputes to find a solution very rewarding. I've mediated all sorts of cases, from those with no monetary value up to those worth millions of pounds. I've mediated with two parties and with multiple parties, with litigants in person and with teams of solicitors and barristers. Whatever the case has been,  I have always given my best to help the parties to negotiate a settlement.

I'm a mediator that understands mediation.  I understand the most important people at the mediation are the parties and their legal teams, and not me.  I understand the importance of building an environment in which parties can feel free to discuss options and emotions can be released without derailing chances of settlement.  

I am relaxed and have had significant success mediating where strong personalities on either side have clashed.  Though I am relaxed and easy to get along with, I can be tough when required. If the parties want me to make a recommendation I will do so, where I feel comfortable to do so. 

I take a very business minded pragmatic approach and I am able to proactively assist the parties to achieve settlement. My 26 years in mediation and arbitration has meant that I have worked closely with lawyers and understand them and what they need from a mediator to achieve a settlement for their clients.​

I am confident. I am good at what I do. I enjoy doing it and it feels like helping people to sort out their differences comes naturally to me.  I have mediated all kinds of disputes and have an open mind each time I get involved in a new case.  I'm easy to talk to, a good listener, tenacious, empathetic - but nobody's fool - and quickly grasp the issues and help parties to move towards settlement.​

Parties feedback that they find my mediation style to be professional but not officious, and that I am able to create an atmosphere in which deals can be struck and disputes resolved in the vast majority of cases.​

I've helped hundreds of individuals and businesses put painful, expensive disputes behind them. I'm at ease in person or online and have been at the forefront of the promotion of mediation and mediator training online since COVID changed the way we do business.​

Mediation Experience

I have mediated more than 130 times with parties ranging from individuals to private and public companies across a wide range of sectors with claims ranging from no monetary value to £30m.  I have co-mediated on cases with values of up to £300m.​

Main Areas of Practice as a Mediator

I have mediated a very wide range of disputes over multiple sectors. I wouldn't say I specialise in any one area, though in recent years I have seen an increase in SME, partnerships, commercial contract and travel industry cases.​ You can see some example of cases I have worked on here.

My overall experience includes:​

banking & finance | business & consumer services | civil & commercial contracts | communications  | construction | creative & media |  employment & workplace | energy |  insurance | legal services | leisure, transport & tourism | music | partnerships | personal injury & illness |  product liability | professional negligence | property | shareholders | sports | wills & probate​

Locations and Languages

I mediate in English and I am available wherever required online or in person.​

Code of Conduct and Complaints Procedure

I subscribe to the European Code of Conduct for Mediators and complaint processes as provided by the Civil Mediation Council. I hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.