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"Your input and role today was pivotal, a very good approach with the way you approached the whole matter and also making suggestions.  It was the most pleasing and helpful mediation I have had in some time." 

I'm a mediator who understands business and how important it is to parties to find a solution, especially where they want to continue to work together. I also train mediators, so I understand the value of the process and how to make it work.

Taking someone to court to settle a dispute can be daunting. The costs, time wasted, and uncertainty of winning create a deep sense of apprehension.

But there is an alternative.

Gregg Hunt, an experienced mediator, can help parties reach a settlement without the financial and emotional distress of litigation. With 28 years of experience, Gregg employs a process of building connections and bridges to achieve the best possible outcome. By promoting calm and reasoning, even the most entrenched disputes can be resolved.

"I have a successful history of settling complex civil and commercial disputes that have been detracting from business activity."

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Satisfied Clients

Gregg was very good, very personable. He put the parties at ease. Very commercially oriented. Very impressed by his initial call explaining the process, managing expectations and gathering some information about the case.

Solicitor at Mediation

I was impressed with the manner in which he dealt with the difficult issues involved in the case, and the large degree of hostility between the parties.

Solicitor at Mediation

Not only did he approach the situation in a fair and professional manner, he also understood that this was a very stressful time for me, which made the whole process much easier.

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